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The future of the chocolate market analysis

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 First, the state of the market. In the current domestic market, the main performance is:

1, China is about to become the world's most potential for development, the fastest chocolate market.

With 1 billion 400 million of the population of China, chocolate is 10-15% years of rapid development, market consumption potential of 20 billion yuan. China's per capita annual consumption of chocolate as long as 1 kilograms, is the world's largest chocolate market.

The Chinese chocolate market will develop rapidly, which is an excellent opportunity for the domestic chocolate manufacturers. But facing the foreign brands have dominated situation, domestic chocolate manufacturers should continuously improve product quality, selection of raw materials and equipment upgrades, in technology and international standards, and pay attention to the market innovation, wide construction, strengthen to enterprises with the international chocolate on a platform of competition and integration, the chocolate industry breakthrough.

The importance of the Chinese market is that it is a huge potential of the development of the chocolate market, in the next few decades there will be exciting growth opportunities. Our country currently the annual consumption of chocolate at around 30 billion yuan, per capita consumption of chocolate about every 40 g to 70 g, about three billion U. s.dollars the seemingly huge, in fact, only accounted for 0.5 percent of the international market. Per capita consumption of chocolate more than 7 kilograms, Asia, South Korea, Japan, an average of 2 kg, the industry generally believe that: the Chinese chocolate market will have ten percent to fifteen per year.

FMCG research center of 2005 statistics show that Shanghai confectionery market, chocolate is the bulk of the confectionery market, accounted for 41% for the dessert market share, followed by candy: 30% gum base candy: 20%, and the functional candy: 9%.

2, the current production of chocolate in China still has a lot of problems

Brand is little, single flavors; chocolate processing is undeserved, incomplete; strength is weak, product updates and upgrading slow, the overall impression always unable to get rid of taste quality, only hovered in the low-end market embarrassing situation. And since the 1990s, continue to enter the Chinese market of foreign famous chocolate producers obviously occupied the advantage of the chocolate market situation, they by virtue of its strong economic strength, technology, brand culture and emphasizes the products of excellent quality and unique taste, and quickly occupied the market, from the point of view of division is one of the most important indicators, four of the biggest chocolate companies occupy the market, nearly 70%.

In this way, on the one hand, the Chinese chocolate market will develop rapidly, the domestic chocolate manufacturers are faced with an excellent opportunity, but on the other hand, is a large foreign brands occupy. So, how to fundamentally improve the quality of domestic chocolate, and enhance domestic chocolate is the domestic chocolate manufacturers have been thinking and concerns.

3, Chinese enterprises have become an inevitable trend in building a chocolate brand

From the point of view of the world, product prices more than chocolate industry the focus of competition, and improve the material and develop new taste, brand focus, continue to shorten the distance between the consumer and become the new trend of development. Some experts concluded that the three characteristics of today's international chocolate market is: the selection of raw materials (especially milk); improve the technology, the development of new taste;. These three are closely related to the quality of the. Here we look at the development trend of China's chocolate manufacturers from three aspects.

First, from the point of view of raw material selection, equipment upgrades. Homemade chocolate had a single variety and flavor of mediocre problems exist for a long time. In recent years, domestic manufacturers committed to for raw materials selection of checks, odor removal, material refining, for example of one of the country's largest confectionery manufacturer Food Co., Ltd. selected and superior natural pasture quality milk powder, with advanced equipment imported from Germany, and the fine grinding, refining processing technology, make the product shows the tantalizing tastes, has just launched the wonderful chocolate is with the international standards. To adapt to the trend of consumption of the chocolate products, homemade chocolate with chocolate base material and bentonite Crisp Cereal Products and value of new products is made from sugar or fruit and vegetable products, such as mixed mode, the professional concept of similar movements such as chocolate began to be included, homemade chocolate candy enterprises are widely used, launched a high-quality functional chocolate.

Followed by the technical initiative, with the international practice. Chocolate is, in the production process and technology accumulation of domestic chocolate is indeed a big problem, but now there are a number of domestic chocolate companies began to take the initiative to actively cooperate with foreign professional and technical institutions. Is a good example.

The third aspect is to strengthen, build. Big play science and technology, culture brand is an important means of foreign brands occupy the market. Moreover, the import brand of chocolate in advertising investment in a large amount of money, and strive to use the power of the media, to establish their own. Compared with foreign brands from afar, some have begun to rely on and strengthen their own brand concept, connotation.

4, the Chinese chocolate market

Compared with Europe and the United States the fierce competition in the chocolate market, Chinese chocolate market competition degree is low, the less competitive products, and huge development potential, such a market is undoubtedly a huge cake, it is only natural that Western chocolate giants. At present, the world is ranked top 20 heavyweight chocolate companies have all entered the Chinese, in the supermarket in Shanghai visible imported or joint venture brands of chocolate has up to more than 70, imported chocolate brands continue to join accelerated the Chinese chocolate market

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