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Interpretation of chocolate machine: one of China's chocolate market potential

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    At present, China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of goods, at the same time, the world's attention is also gathered in the fastest, most planning, the most potential of the Chinese chocolate market. Despite the broad prospects for the domestic chocolate machinery market, but such as stand-alone automation, poor stability and reliability, shape and appearance is not beautiful, short service life, etc., the domestic chocolate machinery products suffered criticism.

  Security check skills: Security in any industry is the top keywords, in the chocolate industry is even more so. In the food industry, security inspection skills to carry out rapidly these years. At present, the embodiment of food safety in chocolate machinery is not only limited in simple physical parameters of the scale, but also should pay attention to the color of food, raw materials and other elements. Chocolate machinery used in the expansion of the scale, and constantly for the machinery manufacturers and automated commodity suppliers to put forward new demands.

        Automatic control skills: motion control skills in the country to carry out very quickly, but the chocolate in the mechanical occupation carry out dynamic is increased fatigue. Automatic control of goods and skills in chocolate mechanical effect is mainly reach the accurate position control and strict synchronous speed demand, mainly used for loading, delivery and marking, stacking and unloading stacking processes. Professor Li believes that the automatic control skills are key elements, the difference between high and low-end machinery is one of the China chocolate, chocolate machinery promotion of technical support.

   Flexible production: at present, the company competition intense shopping habits, more and more commodity renewal cycle is short. It is understood, cosmetic production, usually arrive at the change in three years, and a quarter of a variable, together with the quantity of output is relatively large, so the chocolate mechanical flexibility and flexibility proposed high demand: chocolate machinery of life to far greater than the product life cycle. The only way to meet the demand of commodity economy of production. To consider the concept of flexible from three aspects: the amount of flexibility, structure flexibility and supply flexibility.

        Perform system construction: in recent years, the integrated skills in chocolate industry development momentum. Many kinds of chocolate machinery, which makes the transmission between different manufacturers of goods and equipment interface docking, industrial computer, information and equipment encountered great difficulties. In this case, the Chocolate Company turned to the construction of performance system (MES) to seek solutions.

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