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Candy chocolate market development in our country has huge potential Has growth for five consecutive years

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 Chocolate contains more than 300 known chemicals. Scientists for hundreds of years of these substances were one by one analysis and experiment, and constantly in the process of discovery and proof of its various components of chocolate pharmacological effects on the human body vivid.

Chocolate is a natural guard against heart disease.

Chocolate contains a rich source of phenol compound, the compound on the body of fat substances in the artery in the oxidation or accumulation of a considerable blocking effect.

Coronary heart disease is the main disease of coronary heart disease is usually due to fat substance LDL (low concentration of lipoprotein) in the human blood vessels in the oxidation and formation of obstacles and cause cardiovascular obstruction.

Chocolate phenol compound not only can prevent the chocolate itself corruption of change of fat acids, more in the food into the human body, quickly to vascular absorption, in the blood of antioxidant compounds increased significantly, and soon an active role as a powerful prevent LDL oxidation and inhibition of platelet activity in the blood vessels of antioxidants. These sub materials to maintain blood flow plays an important role in human blood vessels.

Nutritionists have proved in fruits, vegetables, containing such a natural anti oxidant phenol complex are red wine and tea plant foods.

Strawberry fruit is rich in antioxidants. Most, however, the antioxidant content of chocolate is eight times higher than strawberry.

50 grams of 150 grams of chocolate (one or two) and (three two) fine red wine contains antioxidants are basically the same.

Experimental evidence from:

Andrew Waterhouse of University of California, viticulture and brewing experts

Penny Kris-Etherton, Professor of nutrition at the University of bin Siviglia

Carl Keen, University of California Institute of medicine, Institute of nutrition professor

Cesar Fraga, Institute of Biochemistry and medicine of University of Buenos Aires, Professor of Physical Chemistry

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